Frequently Asked Questions?

Learn more about On-Chain Academy with the most frequently asked questions.

What is On-Chain Academy?

On-Chain Academy is a online blog space where you can learn more about how crypto works and why it's used, how you can make money with crypto and trading etc. While many online Crypto Academies offer similar approaches, the On-Chain Academy offers personal insights and takeaways instead of just basic explanations.

Why only 4 categories?

In the On-Chain Academy we have 4 blog sections:

  • Crypto Notion
  • Crypto 101
  • Crypto Trading
  • Crypto Investing

This way we can narrow our focus in the crypto industry and provide the most detailed insights we can on these topics instead of just posting what cryptocurrencies are, we are showing you the why.

What is On-Chain Income?

On-Chain Income is a crypto brand that believes in the customizable power of Notion.

Our mission is simple: Bring people closer to crypto with the help of Notion.

On-Chain Income templates are used daily by over 1500 individuals, empowering them to boost their crypto knowledge and improve their trading and finances.

How do I become an affiliate?

We offer a generous 30% affiliate program for you! You just sign up, start promoting my products and if someone buys you get 30% commission! Sign up Here

Read more about how affiliates work on our official Affiliates Page.

Do you offer Support?

If you purchase our premium templates you will get access to our Private Discord Community support and chat, where you can suggest us improvements to the template and also asks us to fix anything if something doesn't work for you. You will also get to keep up to date with any updates happening, and future releases of a template.

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